Managing clusters from CLI

You can manage Data Hub clusters from the CLI using the cdp datahub commands.

Monitoring clusters

  • List all available clusters: cdp datahub list-clusters
  • Describe a specific cluster: cdp datahub describe-cluster --cluster-name <value>
  • Get status of cluster hosts: cdp datahub get-cluster-host-status --cluster-name <value>
  • Get status of cluster services: cdp datahub get-cluster-service-status --cluster-name <value>

Managing clusters

  • When stack provisioning or cluster creation fails, retry the cluster to resume the process from the last failed step: cdp datahub retry-cluster --cluster-name <value>
  • Resize cluster: cdp datahub scale-cluster --cluster-name <value> --instance-group-name <value> --instance-group-desired-count <value>
  • Restart a cluster that is in stopped state: cdp datahub start-cluster --cluster-name <value>
  • Stop cluster that is in running state: cdp datahub stop-cluster --cluster-name <value>
  • Sync your cluster with cloud provider and Cloudera Manager: cdp datahub sync-cluster --cluster-name <value>
  • Repair a cluster when cluster has failed nodes: cdp datahub repair-cluster --cluster-name <value> --instance-group-names <value> --instances <value>

Deleting clusters

  • Delete one or more existing clusters: cdp datahub delete-clusters --recipe-name <value>