Renewing public certificates for Data Lake and Data Hub clusters

Public certificates that are responsible for enabling TLS in front of Knox and other available services on port 443 of Data Lake and Data Hub clusters. Public certificates expire every 90 days and must be renewed.

Required role (Data Lakes): EnvironmentAdmin or Owner of the environment

Required role (Data Hub): DatahubAdmin, Owner of the Data Hub, EnvironmentAdmin, or Owner of the environment

To renew a public certificate, click the Renew Certificate button on the details page of a chosen Data Lake:

Or from the Actions menu of a Data Hub cluster details page:

If you prefer to renew the certificates using the CLI, use the following commands:

Data Lake public certificate renewal:

cdp datalake renew-certificate --datalake-name <Data Lake name>

Data Hub public certificate renewal:

cdp datahub renew-certificate --datahub-name <Data Hub name>