Sync a cluster

The sync option allows you to synchronize Data Hub with the cloud provider and with Cloudera Manager.

Use the sync option if you:

  • Made changes on your cloud provider side (for example, deleted cluster VMs) and you would like to synchronize Data Hub with the cloud provider.
  • Manually changed service status in Cloudera Manager (for example, restarted services).
  1. Log in to the CDP web interface.
  2. Navigate to the Management Console > Data Hub Clusters
  3. Browse to cluster details.
  4. Click Actions and select Sync.
  5. Click Yes to confirm.
  6. Your Data Hub cluster infrastructure is synchronized based on changes on the cloud provider. The updates are written to the “Event History”:
    The cluster state synchronized with Cloudera Manager: The cluster's state is up to date.
    8/2/2019, 8:44:10 PM
    Synced instance states with the cloud provider.
    8/2/2019, 8:44:09 PM
Once the sync is successfully completed, the cluster can be used.