Defining derived data

  1. Inside a visual that generates a subset of data, select a measure field on a shelf.

    In this case, we are using sum(population).

  2. Click the Right Arrow icon to the right of the field.
  3. In the dropdown, click Save Expression.
  4. In the Save expression to dataset or as derived data modal window, under Name, type Pop, and click SAVE.

    You can see that in the left navigation under Measures, you have a new category Derived Data that contains Pop.

  5. To check the definition of the saved derived data Pop, click the down arrow to the right of its name, and click View Definition.

    The Derived Data Definition modal window appears. You can see that the definition includes a parameterized filter for year.

  6. Click SAVE to save both the visual and the new derived data definitions.

You can now use Pop as any other measure.