Enabling admin API support

By default, admin API URL support is disabled . A platform administrator can enable this support, at the level of individual data types, through site-specific settings.

  • In Cloudera Manager, you have to use the Arcadia Visualization Server Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for settings_cm.py field for enabling admin API.
  • On the Ambari interface, you have to enter the settings in the ArcViz Settings field.
  • On MapR, you have to enter the settings directly in the settings.py file.
  • To enable specific data types, include them on the assignment line.
    We are only enabling visuals and datasets:
    ADMIN_API_URL_LIST  = ['visuals', 'datasets']

    To enable all data type support, you can either list them all in the text box, as we do here:

    ADMIN_API_URL_LIST  = ['visuals', 'datasets', 'connections', 'users', 'groups',
                                                    'roles', 'segments', 'filterassociations']

    Or use the wild card to specify all options:

    ADMIN_API_URL_LIST  = ['*']