Drill-down and drill-up data discovery

The following conditions apply to Drill-down/up functionality:

  • This feature is only available on dimensions that are part of predefined hierarchies.

  • These hierarchies may only be defined by users with administrative privileges, and at the level of the dataset.

  • Hierarchies, as implied, combine related and 'nested' dimensions of the dataset, progressing from largest to smallest measurement.

  • Dimensional hierarchies by their very nature do not help discover how potentially unrelated dimensions influence the results.

To help with the use of this feature, you can find here some examples for bar charts.

Drill-down data discovery

To discover your data in CDP Data Visualization, you can navigate up and down the hierarchical tree.

  1. To use drill-down, place the pointer over one of the data labels along the horizontal axis, and note that it changes color. This is because the data labels are link-enabled.
  2. Click the label to drill down to a lower level of the hierarchy.

    In the following graphic, we drilled through these levels:

    • Level 1: un_region = 'Americas'
    • Level 2: un_subregion = 'South America'
    • Level 3: country

Drill-up data discovery

  1. Place the pointer over the label of the horizontal axis itself, and note that it changes color. It is also link-enabled.
  2. Click the horizontal axis label to go up the hierarchy levels.

    To use drill-up,

    In the following graphic, we moved up along these levels:

    • Level 3: country where un_region = 'America' and un_subregion = 'South America'
    • Level 2: un_subregion = 'South America' where un_region = 'America'
    • Level 1: un_region