Customizing dashboard layout

When you have a dashboard with multiple visuals, you might need to resize and reorganize the visuals on the dashboard to work better for your users. In CDP Data Visualization, you can easily change the layout of a dashboard.

By default, visuals are arranged next to one another in the order as you add them to the dashboard. You can reorganize the layout by resizing or moving around the individual widgets on the dashboard.
  1. Open the dashboard in Edit mode.
  2. In the Dashboard Designer top menu bar, click LAYOUT.

    The Layout of Dashboard Visuals modal window is displayed.

    Widgets provide the following information about visuals:
    • Top left color squares represent datasets.
    • The title of the visual is displayed at the top of each widget representing a visual.
    • The snapshots of the actual visuals appear as thumbnails making it easy to identify the individual visuals on the dashboard.
  3. Click and drag the widgets to rearrange them on the canvas.
  4. To resize a widget, drag the bottom right corner and set the desired size.
  5. When you are ready, click APPLY LAYOUT.
The dashboard layout is updated.
In this example, you can see how the dashboard layout changes after rearranging the widgets on the laout modal.
This is the original dashboard:
This is the layout modal of the original dashboard:
This is the new dashboard layout after rearranging and resizing the widgets that represent the visuals included in the dashboard:
This is the updated dashboard after we applied the layout changes: