Advanced settings for automatic login

Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) allows users with administration privileges to provide unauthenticated access for a user through automatic login.

In Cloudera Data Science Warehouse (CDSW), authentication for applications is enforced on all ports by default. If needed, the Admin user can allow users to create public applications that can be accessed by unauthenticated users. This is necessary if you do not want users to have to log into CDSW. For information on how to enable unauthenticated access in CDSW, see Application Limitations. The steps below are needed if you do not want users to have to log into CDV.

For information on long-running web applications in Cloudera Machine Learning (CML), see Analytical Applications.

Follow these steps to configure automatic login for a user in CDV.
  1. Click the Gear icon to open the Site Administration menu and select Site Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced Site Settings at the bottom of the Site Settings page.
  3. Enter the desired login settings in key = value format:
    AUTOLOGIN_USERNAME = "username"
    AUTOLOGIN_PASSWORD = "password"