Managing data related site settings

Cloudera Data Visualization is highly configurable, with many site-wide settings. You can turn specific data related features on and off and adjust additional data related settings.

The Site Settings menu is only available to users with administrative privileges.
  1. Click the icon on the main navigation bar to open the Administration menu and select Site Settings.

    The Site Settings interface opens on the Data page.

  2. Check the option(s) that you want to use.
    Enable automatic field renaming during dataset creation

    You can automatically rename dataset fields to make them more readable. Fields with underscores are converted to multiple-word fields. For example: un_region becomes Un Region.

    Enable showing the count of associated dashboards of the datasets

    You can choose to show the count of associated dashboards of the datasets.

    Enable Data Extracts

    You can make the Data Extracts functionality available to users.

    Hide "Refresh" button from Connection Explorer

    You use this option if you want to have better control over data updates.

    Enable Data Downloads from URL

    You can enable downloading data from a URL address.

    Enable Derived Data

    You can enable Derived Data to perform high-level analysis, such as query stacking, cohort analysis, and back joins.

  3. Save your changes for the updated site settings to take effect.