January 28, 2022

New CML engine: docker.repository.cloudera.com/cloudera/cdv/cmldataviz:6.3.6-b44

New CDSW engine: docker.repository.cloudera.com/cloudera/cdv/cdswdataviz:6.3.6-b44

New features and improvements

A more robust selection of default display formats specific to currencies is now available under the Currency category in the Display Format modal.
The line, combined bar/line, and grouped bar visuals now support independent minimum and maximum aggregate scales for primary and secondary axes.
VIZ-622 and VIZ-941
Threshold-based email jobs can now be configured from applications, and the parameters of a previously-scheduled job can now be modified without re-creating the job.
Query history is now accessible from the CDV HOME tab with a new Queries tile.
The DATA overview page now displays the number of dashboards associated with each dataset.
Historical logs under Usage Info now show Visual, Dashboard, Dataset, Connection, State, and Query information where applicable.
Visibility into the queries behind each visual has been added to the Data Detail menu in a new Queries tab.
The results of a query can be downloaded as a CSV file with a specified number of rows from the Direct Access view.
It is now possible to create multiple job run schedule groups with the same interval.
Table and crosstab visuals with pagination now offer the option to show intermediary totals for the page displayed.
A link has been added to the Cloudera Support Hub directly from the CDV Help menu, with the ability to customize this to link to any chosen URL.

Fixed issues

VIZ-940 and VIZ-1033
LDAP authentication backend has been updated and should now perform better in instances where large LDAP groups are queried.
Visual menu options to create tables or datasets on Hive connections display correctly.
Fixed a bug where dimensions added to shelves via dragging were not persisted unless visual is refreshed or saved.
The expression validator on Impala datasets created from SQL will no longer show syntax error when there is not one.
CDV instances using Kerberos authentication and running the ML Runtime version should no longer encounter SASL issues when opening a dashboard.
An expression will now be saved as expected in Edit mode without visual refresh.
Fixed width visual sizing and column dimension value wrapping options now appear as expected for the crosstab visual type.
The crosstab visual’s totals row now attaches to the bottom of the visual as expected and should not extend beyond the table.
VIZ-1005, VIZ-1006, and VIZ-1047
Fixed a bug where sorting a table or changing column width in Connection Explorer or Data Detail tables caused the table to disappear from the page.
VIZ-1010 and VIZ-1032
Resolved an issue where CDV instances with Oracle metadata backend connections encountered unexpected issues after upgrade.
Fixed a bug where date parameters were not saved when opening a dashboard from URL.