May 2, 2022

New CML engine:

New CDSW engine:

Security fixes and improvements

Fixed critical and high Python and npm package vulnerability findings in CDV 6.3.6-b44. The following critical vulnerabilities have been fixed:
  • CVE-2022-22817
  • CVE-2022-24303
  • CVE-2013-7459
  • CVE-2022-28347
  • CVE-2022-28346
  • CVE-2022-22815
Update CDSW engine image to version 16 to get the latest Log4J2.x patches.This issue does not directly impact CDV. It is related to the version of Scala used in earlier versions of the base CDSW image.

New features and improvements

VIZ-447, VIZ-1260, VIZ-815, and VIZ-1116
Extended SAML authentication with CDP Group syncing for CDW and fixed a backwards-compatibility issue with legacy SAML backends. Additionally, user permissions are now fully managed by CDP Groups for CDW deployments.
VIZ-1154 and VIZ-1175
Updated the Machine Learning Runtime version of CDV to support additional metadata stores.
Users can now clone a dashboard from View mode.
VIZ-1220 and VIZ-1228
It is now easier to upload files including images, fonts, and JavaScript packages for use in custom styles, emails, or rich text visuals.
VIZ-1166 and VIZ-1180
Direct access to data through SQL is now available on additional connection types, and to make using the query editor easier, users can send a query with cmd + enter keyboard shortcut.
Users can now move a variety of 'picklist' filter types to the dashboard canvas.
A new site setting is available, which disables descendant information for dashboards for CDV instances that wish to optimize Data tab performance.
VIZ-1174, VIZ-132, and VIZ-1255
Other performance improvements and optimizations.

Fixed issues

Fixed a bug where a filter widget’s dropdown menu appears behind other page elements in View mode.
Deleting users via Users/Groups page should now work as expected for CDV instances using a MySQL metadata store.
Fixed a bug where backend Excel and CSV downloads could fail with "Unknown String Format" error.
Fixed a bug where a dashboard’s URL failed to retain certain filter values or the dashboard default filters overrode the URL values.
Fixed a bug where internal naming of connection types was visible in Historical Logs.
Changing and deleting roles from the Manage Roles page should now work as expected.
Fixed a bug where some users might see a Javascript error on applications that contain dashboards with multiple sheets.