What's new in Data Visualization 7.1.3

Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) 7.1.3 was released on May 31, 2023 introducing the following changes.

New features and improvements in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.1.3

Unsaved changes are preserved when cloning a dashboard.
VIZ-1811, VIZ-2075
Added API endpoints for creating API keys and editing the user profile.
VIZ-1962, VIZ-2045
Improved URL aliases with a new admin management page and better information in the email modal.
Improved performance of SQL tab.
VIZ-2054, VIZ-2060
Improved PNG/PDF download for multi-sheet dashboards and added support for East Asian languages.
Added setting adjustment and retry for handling common Hive connection errors.

Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.1.3

VIZ-1919, VIZ-2053
Added fixes for handling partitions, including icon for partitioned field in the dataset page.
Fixed display of threshold values when editing an existing job.
Added data connection name and type into the Historical logs tab of the Dashboard Profile data.
VIZ-2043, VIZ-2070, VIZ-2084
Various CSV/Excel download fixes including preserving capitalization in Impala, better handling of NAN/INF numeric values, and fixed formatting errors for NULL and incorrect date values.
Fixed issue so visual artifacts are always imported with the “Disregard artifacts that exist in other workspaces” option selected.