Editing and deleting Data Visualization instances in CDW

Learn how to edit and delete Data Visualization instances in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) data service.

  • You are logged into CDW
  • You have DWAdmin role in CDW
  1. In Cloudera Data Warehouse, click Data Visualization in the left navigation panel.

    A list of available Data Visualization instances appears.

  2. In one of the Data Visualization instance rows, click the launch/options menu (three dots).
  3. Optional: To change instance details, click Edit.
    The instance overview page opens and you can make changes to general details and other properties.

    Click APPLY to save the changes.

  4. Optional: To delete a Data Visualization instance, click ACTIONS > Delete.

    Alternatively, you can click the launch/options menu (three dots) at the end of a Data Visualization instance row and select Delete.