Starting Data Visualization in CDW

Learn how to start Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) data service.

  • You are logged into CDW
  • You are either a member of the Admin Groups or User Groups associated with the Data Visualization instance
  • There is at least one Data Visualization instance running in CDW
  1. In Cloudera Data Warehouse, click Data Visualization in the left navigation panel.
    A list of Data Visualization instances and environments appears.
  2. Select one from the list of running CDV instances and click to start Data Visualization.

    Alternatively, you can click the launch/options menu (three dots) at the end of the row and click Open Data Visualization in the pop-up menu.

    SSO authentication is enabled by default both in Public Cloud and Private Cloud. If you are logged in to the Control Plane, you will be logged into Cloudera Data Visualization automatically. If not, log into the Control Plane using your LDAP credentials. Data Visualization opens in a new browser tab and you land on the Data Visualization homepage, where you can explore sample dashboards and access the in-tool Get Started guide for help.

    New users logging in to Cloudera Data Visualization are automatically added to the viz_guest_group group. You can assign the System Admin role to this group to grant new users the permission to create new connections. For more information, see Assigning roles to users.

The Data Visualization homepage opens in a new browser tab. You can start exploring sample dashboards and you can access the in-tool Get Started guide for help.

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