Adding field comments in dataset

When working with large datasets data, it can be useful to have access to comprehensive field-level descriptions. In Data Visualization, you can use field comments to provide the context and meaning of each dataset field.

The following steps demonstrate how to add description to a column of a dataset, as a 'comment'. In this example, we are using the column iso_cc (the ISO-compliant country code) in the dataset World Life Expectancy [data source samples.world_life_expectancy].

  1. On the main navigation bar, click DATA.

    The Data view appears, open on the Datasets tab.

  2. In the left navigation menu, click samples.
  3. In the Datasets area, select World Life Expectancy (samples.world_life_expectancy).
  4. In the Dataset Detail menu, select Fields.
  5. In the Fields interface, select EDIT FIELDS.
  6. Under Dimensions, find the field iso_cc, and click the down arrow icon on the right.
  7. From the menu, select Edit Field.

    The Edit Field Parameters window modal appears.

  8. Under Field Comment, add the following text:
    ISO 3166 Country Code Standard, Numeric, described in Mappings are at
  9. Click APPLY.
  10. Click SAVE in the top row.
  11. Click Show Comments to display the field comment.
  12. To hide field comments, click Hide Comments.