Moving private dashboards to a custom workspace

The following steps demonstrate how to move a Data Visualization dashboard from one workspace into another. Here, we are moving the dashboard World Life Expectancy from the Private workspace to the custom workspace Rachel's workspace.

  1. Click the name of the workspace in the top menu of the dashboard.

    In this example, the dashboard is currently in the Private workspace.

    moving dashboard
  2. In the drop-down list select an alternate workspace for the dashboard, and click Save.

    Here, we chose the workspace Rachel's Workspace.

    moving dashboard
  3. Because this dashboard uses linked visuals, you have an extra decision to make.
    • Clone Visual: This creates a new linked visual, but breaks the connection between visuals.

    • Move Visual: This option removes the linked visual from the workspace, and all the dashboards that use it start referencing it from its new workspace. Depending on the combination of security permissions, users who were able to see the visual when it was hosted in the original workspace may loose that visibility.

      moving dashboard

      The dashboard is now tagged as Rachel's Workspace.

      moving dashboard