Enabling and customizing email settings

When the site administrator customizes Email Settings in the Site Settings interface, users can start sharing visuals through email.

In Site Settings, under Email Settings, enter the following:

  1. Enable the Allow users to email visuals option.
  2. Enter the Email Address and Email Password; this has to be a valid account, and all future emails originate from this account.
    We are using our own account arcadia_admin@arcadiadata.com for demonstration purposes.
  3. Enter the Email Host. We used smtp.gmail.com.
  4. Enter the Email Port. We used 587.
  5. [Optional, based on provider] Select Use TLS.
  6. [Optional, based on provider] Select Use SSL.
  7. [Optional] Enter the Default Email Subject Prefix. The default prefix is [ArcadiaData].
  8. [Optional] Test the email functionality by clicking Send Test Email. You should see the success status.
  9. Save the updated site settings.
Proceed to using email, as described in http://documentation.arcadiadata.com/latest/pages/topics/email.html.