Moving and reordering sheets

CDP Data Visualization enables you to move and reorder sheets in a dashboard.

  1. Open the dashboard in Edit mode.
  2. Select the sheet you want to move by clicking on its tab, at the bottom left corner of the interface. Notice that here, we are choosing the sheet Low GDP, the middle of three sheets of our dashboard.
  3. To move a sheet to the left, click the (up) icon next to the title of the sheet, and choose the Move Left option.

    Similarly, if you wanted to move the sheet to the right instead, choose the Move Right option.

    The dashboard moves to the extreme left, or the first sheet in the dashboard.

  4. Click Save to save the all changes to the dashboard.
  5. To see how the dashboard appears at runtime and to confirm that the order of sheets is correct, click View.

    In this example, the order of sheets in the dashboard is just like intended.