Comprehensive workflow model

In the preceding funnel visual, each connection has at most two segments. This does not model the real business scenario.

To model more of the path that satisfies the event conditions, we need to modify the intermediate event, All non-purchase application events, on the Path shelf. Note that setting a higher maximum models more of the data.

  1. On the Path shelf, add an additional instance of the All non-purchase application events field, from the Events menu.
    Repeat until you have a total of 5 instances of that event type on the Path shelf. Remember that Purchase should be the last event on the shelf.
    Shelves for funnel visual, with 5 intermediate steps
  2. Click Refresh Visual.
  3. The funnel visual appears, showing a multi-step path towards a Purchase outcome.

    Note that you can see both the purchase outcome path (highlighted) and the drop-off: 43%, 30%, 11%, 4.8%, 2.7%, and 8.6%.

    Figure 1. Funnel Visual with 5 Intermediate Steps
    Funnel Visual with 5 Intermediate Steps