Interactive maps with multiple dimensions

CDP Data Visualization enables you to display multiple dimensions in Interactive Map visuals.

In Interactive Map visuals you can display two distinct dimensions in the Circle Layer by placing the secondary dimension on the Colors shelf.

The following steps extend the work completed in Interactive maps, and demonstrate how to visualize two separate measures on the same map.

  1. Clone the visual California Woods, previously built in Interactive maps.

    For a reminder on how to clone visuals, see Cloning a visual.

  2. Select another dimension to add to the visual, and add it to the Colors shelf.

    We selected feature_class. We then applied the Alias Features.

  3. Change the definition of the feature_class filter (already on the Filters shelf) to add the Reserve and Woods values.
  4. In the Settings menu, turn off the Heatmap and the Cluster.
  5. In the Settings menu, enable the Circles, and turn on both the Area legend and the Color legend.
  6. Click Refresh Visual to see two measures on the same map.
    interactive map with two dimensions
  7. Change the title to California Woods - Mapbox.
  8. At the top left corner of the Visual Designer, click Save.