Interactive maps

An interactive map paints geographic details over a basic map tile layer provided by a third-party provider. CDP Data Visualization offers several overlay layers for data display. It is an excellent choice for displaying large amounts of Geo-based information in relevant detail.

  • The base Map Servers include either Google Maps or Mapbox.
  • The overlay layers that display data include Heatmap, Cluster, Circles, and Routes and pins options.

To learn how to use the interactive maps in their various forms, read the following articles:

  • Basic interactive maps
  • Creating choropleth interactive map visuals
  • Interactive maps with multiple dimensions
  • Interactive maps with multiple measures
  • Changing the map server for interactive maps
  • Changing layer options for interactive maps
  • Plotting routes on interactive maps
  • Using alphabetic values in interactive maps
  • Segmenting data qualitatively in interactive maps
  • Shelves for interactive maps