Images from local machine

To insert an image into a visual from a local directory, follow these steps.

Note that CDP Data Visualization automatically adds these images to the static assets it manages.

  1. In the Rich-Text Editor, click (Picture) icon.
    inserting an image

    This opens the Insert Image modal window.

  2. In the Insert Image interface, under the Select from files field, click Choose Files, and then select an image file from your file system. Click Insert Image.
    inserting image in modal
  3. Note that CDP Data Visualization automatically converts the image into a static asset.

    When you click on the (code) icon, it shows a link to the image inside the staticasset database.

    In this example, the link appears as asset_id.image_type, where asset_id is assigned automatically based on the order of upload, and image_type is consistent with the format of the uploaded file, such as png.

    <img src="/arc/reports/staticasset/raw/4.png" style="width: 223px;">
    Code view of the Rich Text visual, image as static asset highlighted