CDP Data Visualization, Visuals interface

The information available on Visuals interface enables you to use visualization features. In this interface, you can initiate a number of operations when working with visuals.

You can work in grid or list view. Grid View shows you thumbnail previews of your visuals, dashboards, and applications, while List View presents the items vertically arranged as a single, continuous, multiple-line list. List view exposes the ID of the visuals, dashboards, and apps, and it also shows the number of related dashboards and linked visuals with their IDs.

Figure 1. Visual Interface; Grid View
The primary Visuals Interface, in Grid View

You can:

  1. Start a new dashboard by clicking New Dashboard.
  2. Start a new application by clicking New App.
  3. Access standard groupings by clicking on their titles: All or My Favorites.
  4. Create a workspaces interface by clicking the plus sign next to Workspaces in the left navigation menu. Under Workspaces, you can see the default workspaces that all users have: Private and Public.
  5. Look at the Dashboard Samples that ship with CDP Data Visualization.
  6. Switch between viewing Dashboards, Visuals, Apps, or All visual artifacts.
  7. Switch between Grid View and List View.
  8. Open an existing dashboard, visual, or app in View mode by clicking it. In List View, you can click the reduced size image at the beginning of the row to view the dashboard, visual, or app.
  9. Preview descriptive information about a visual artifact in Grid View by hovering over the title until a tooltip appears.
  10. Open a dashboard, visual, or app in Edit mode in Grid View if you hover over the bottom right corner to change the original icon to a blue pencil (edit) icon. In List View, you can also click the pencil (edit) icon at the end of the row to edit the dashboard, visual, or app.
  11. Select visuals and dashboards in Grid Viewif you hover over the top right corner and click the checkmark.

    In List View, you can select and mark visuals, dashboards, and apps if you mark the selection box that corresponds to the item.

  12. De-select selected visuals and dashboards by clicking Clear Selection.
  13. Moving selected items to a new workspace by clicking Move to Workspace.
  14. Delete the selected items by clicking Delete at the top.

    In List View, you can also delete a single item by clicking the trash icon at the end of the row. that corresponds to it.

  15. Export selected visuals by clicking Export.
  16. In List View, you can check the ID of the visuals and dashboards, and the IDs of dashboards where the visuals appear.
Figure 2. Visual Interface; List View
The primary Visuals Interface, in List View