Creating a visual

Learn how you can create a visual in CDP Data Visualization.

  1. On the main navigation bar, click Visuals.
  2. Click New Dashboard to open a new dashboard in Edit mode.

    Alternatively, click an existing dashboard, and then click Edit to make changes to it.

  3. In the Dashboard Designer menu, click the Visuals icon to open the Add Visuals interface.
  4. Click New Visual.

    The Visual Designer interface opens with a default table representation of the dataset you want to visualize.

  5. Choose a visual type from the Visual Type Catalog that shows the standard visual types. You can switch between visual types by selecting a different visual type in this menu.
    Visual types
  6. Populate the shelves from the available Dimensions and Measure fields.
    Shelves of a visual specify the fields and segments that provide the data for visualization. Different visual types require specific information, and have somewhat different shelves.
  7. Click Refresh Visual.
  8. Add a title to the visual by clicking into the title field to edit it.
  9. [Optional] Add a brief description of the visual by clicking into the subtitle field under the title of the visual.
  10. At the top left corner of the Visual Designer, click Save.
    Visual types