Known issues and limitations in Data Visualization in CDSW

You can review the list of known issues and limitations that you might experience while using Data Visualization in Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW).

You can find here more information about the areas of impact and possible workarounds.

Admin user becomes a normal user after changing their own password

If you use the cdswdataviz:6.2.7-b46 engine, you can experience an issue when changing your password in an administrator role.

Action required: Upgrade to cdswdataviz:6.2.7-b48 containing a fix.

Cloudera issue: VIZ-671

Apply display formats during CSV and XLS streams

Display formats may not be applied in csv/xls downloads in instances where an independent csv limit is applied and there are greater than 50,000 rows. A fix is expected in a future release.

Cloudera issue: VIZ-383, VIZ-384

Picklist in complex data types Show Selected unselects previous selections

Show selected in a filter list selection may not show all selections depending on the data type. A fix is expected in a future release.

Cloudera issue: VIZ-456