December 3, 2020

New CDSW engine:

New features and improvements

CDP Data Visualization applications running in Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.9 or later can permit SSO authentication in admin settings.

Fixed issues

Changing cache settings no longer causes the data connection type to unset itself.
Fixed a bug that prevented some users from downloading a visual as a csv or Excel.
Fixed a bug that displayed an error message when importing visual artifacts to a private workspace.
Data Compatibility check when importing visual artifacts now works as expected.
Fixed a bug that caused some users in CDSW to see an error in the logs upon application start.
VIZ-286, VIZ-295, VIZ-298
The correct version number and product name now display in all Data Visualization applications.
Fixed a bug that caused expansion field values to throw an error when clicking Show Detailed Data or when including/excluding the value as a filter on click.
Dashboard filter parameters now load as intended when sharing a dashboard via URL.
SQL Visual Download CSV options now work as intended.
Save as Table or Dataset functionality no longer displays an error message on Impala connections.
Provided further in-product instructions for admin settings that can accommodate multiple inputs.