Schedule-based email

You can use the Email interface to schedule regular emails of visuals, sheets, and dashboards.

Before you schedule an email, make sure you check the Enable scheduled jobs option under Jobs. See Site settings.

Follow these steps to schedule emails of visual, sheet, or dashboard. This can be accomplished either in Edit mode, or in View mode.

  1. See the initial steps described in Creating new email templates.
  2. In the Email Visual/Email Current Sheet/Dashboard Visual modal, select the option Schedule Email.
  3. In the Email Detail tab, in the Job Name text box, enter the name of the scheduled job.

    We are using Flight Connection Updates.

  4. In the Repeat field, select an existing schedule interval:
    • Hourly (default)
    • Daily
    • Every Weekday
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • or any existing custom schedule.
  5. In the To text box, enter the valid email addresses of the primary recipients of the message.
  6. In the CC text box, enter the valid emails of other recipients.

    The value of the From field is configured on the Site Settings interface.

    In the Subject text box, you can change the title of the email.

    Note that by default, the subject is the prefix specified when enabling email site-wide,, plus the title of the visual. In our case, the subject is [ArcadiaData] Report snapshot Flight Connections Flow. .

  7. Under Email Template, leave Default Email Template.
  8. To see how the template looks, click Preview Email Template.
    Note that users with administrative privileges can create and manage email templates.
  9. Enter the text of the email..
  10. For Attach options, choose one of these:
    • Embedded image (default)
    • PNG
    • CSV
  11. For visuals that have parametrized fields on their shelves, in the Page Parameters you can chose one of these:
    • Include page parameters (default)
    • Do not include page parameters, which includes default picklist parameters.
  12. Click Save.

    The system notifies the user that the schedule was created successfully.