Data Visualization in CDP Public Cloud

CDP Data Visualization in CDP Public Cloud enables you to explore data and communicate insights across the whole data lifecycle by using visual objects. The fast and easy self-service data visualization streamlines collaboration in data analytics through the common language of visuals.

Using this rich visualization layer enables you to accelerate advanced data analysis: You can create state-of-the-art visualizations on top of your datasets, build informative dashboards and applications, and publish them anywhere across the data lifecycle. This provides you with a dynamic and data-driven insight in any line of business, and lets stakeholders discover, explore, and curate visualizations. It allows customization and collaboration on a new level, that speeds up your agility, innovation, and time to results.

CDP Data Visualization is integrated with Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) and Cloudera Data Warehousing (CDW) workflows. You can use the same visualization tool for structured, unstructured/text, and ML analytics, which means deeper insights and more advanced dashboard applications. The web-based, no-code, drag-and-drop user interface is highly intuitive and enables you to build customized data applications with minimum time investment.