Known issues in Hue

This topic describes the Hue known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud.

DWX-7016: Hue stops working with the “ProgrammingError: column axes_accessattempt.trusted does not exist” error
Problem: If you have two Virtual Warehouses, say VW-1 and VW-2 of an existing CDW version pointing to a Database Catalog, say DC-1, and if you create a new Virtual Warehouse VW-3 when a newer CDW version is available, corresponding to DC-1, then Hue may stop working from VW-1 and VW-2. This happens because Hue’s backend database gets upgraded when you create VW-3. At this point, VW-3 is of the latest CDW versions and VW-1, VW-2, and DC-1 are on an older CDW version.
Upgrade the VW-1, VW-2, and DC-1 to the latest CDW version as VW-3.