Known issues in Database Catalogs

This topic describes the Database Catalog known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud.

DWX-4534: Default Database Catalog fails to start when Hive metastore on base cluster does not use PostgreSQL database
In CDW Private Cloud version 1.1, you must use a PostgreSQL database for your Hive metastore on the base cluster. For more information, see Base cluster database requirements for CDW Private Cloud.
DWX-5247: Database Catalog managed tables location points to incorrect directory
Problem: Default Database Catalogs that are created with the CDW Private Cloud UI point to an incorrect directory location for managed tables.
Workaround: To correct this, perform the following steps:
  1. Using Data Analytics Studio (DAS), run a DESCRIBE statement to check the default database MANAGEDLOCATION setting:
    DESCRIBE database default;
    DB_NAME   COMMENT                 LOCATION                           MANAGEDLOCATION                 more…
    default   Default Hive database   hdfs://ns1/warehouse/dwx- more...  hdfs://ns1/user/hive/warehouse  more…
    Note the HDFS URL because you will need it to correct the setting in Step 3.
  2. Still using DAS, run the following query to get the correct path for the default database:
    SET hive.metastore.warehouse.dir;
    Note that this path does not include the HDFS URL that you obtained in Step 1.
  3. A user with ALTER privileges on the default database sets the database's MANAGEDLOCATION using the following elements from previous steps:
    • HDFS URL from Step 1: hdfs://ns1…
    • Results returned by the SET statement used in Step 2: …/warehouse/dwx-impala7b096/warehouse-1597085504-c4b/warehouse/tablespace/managed/hive
    ALTER DATABASE default SET MANAGEDLOCATION 'hdfs://ns1/warehouse/dwx-impala7b096/warehouse-1597085504-cv4b/warehouse/tablespace/managed/hive';