Known issues in Hue

This topic describes the Hue known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud.

DWX-8026: Hue cannot connect to the Impala daemon on OpenShift and ECS clusters
Problem: You may see “TTransportException” error messages when you log in to Hue because the Impala-authorized proxy user is incorrectly configured in Hue.
Workaround: Update the Impala Virtual Warehouse’s StatefulSet as follows:
  1. SSH into the Kubernetes cluster.
  2. Edit StatefulSet as follows:
    kubectl edit statefulset coordinator -n [***VIRTUAL-WAREHOUSE-ID***]
  3. Search for the following string:
    -set authorized_proxy_user_conf=$AUTH_USER \
  4. Change the string to the following:
    -set authorized_proxy_user_config=$AUTH_USER=* \
  5. Save the changes.

    Kubernetes automatically restarts the coordinator pod.