Known issues in Impala Virtual Warehouses

This topic describes the Impala Virtual Warehouse known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud.

DWX-8487: Certain predicates involving analytic function may produce wrong result
Problem: Impala returns incorrect results for queries with specific types of predicates on analytic functions. The following example illustrates the issue:
SELECT * FROM (SELECT a, MAX(b) OVER (...) as max_b FROM ..) t
   WHERE a = max_b

Here, the WHERE clause must reference analytic function on one side of the comparison operator and a column (not a constant literal) on the other side.

Workaround: None.
DWX-8446: The “Collect Diagnostic Bundles” option for Impala Virtual Warehouses does not work on ECS clusters
Problem: When you click the Collect Diagnostic Bundles option from the Impala Virtual Warehouse drop-down menu on an ECS cluster, the diagnostic bundles are not generated.
Workaround: None.