Adding a new Database Catalog

In addition to the default Database Catalog, created automatically, you can add additional Database Catalogs if you want a standalone data warehouse without any data related to the default Database Catalog.

When you activate an environment from the Data Warehouse, a default Database Catalog is created and named after your environment. This HMS instance associated with the default Database Catalog is the same HMS as the one used by your CDP environment. You can add additional Database Catalogs if you want standalone data warehouses based on a new HMS instance. When you create a new Database Catalog, you specify which environment to use. If you make a change to the default database catalog, the change is reflected in the environment where the default Database Catalog resides. However, if you make any change to the non-default database catalogs, the change is not reflected in that environment.

You can optionally load demo data in Hue when you create a new Database Catalog.

Required role: DWAdmin

You must enable the entitlement CDW_VERSIONED_DEPLOY to select the image version in step 6.
  1. Log in to the CDP web interface and navigate to the Data Warehouse service.
  2. In the Data Warehouse service, click Database Catalogs.
  3. Click Add New.
    You can also add a new Database Catalog by clicking the plus sign on the Overview page of the Data Warehouse service.
  4. In Name, specify a Database Catalog name.
  5. In Environments, select the name of your environment.

    If you do not see the environment you want in the drop-down list, you might need to activate the environment.

  6. In Image Version, select the version of the Cloudera Data Warehouse you want to use, or accept the default version at the top of the dropdown list.
  7. Turn on Load Demo Data if you want to use sample airline data in Hue.
  8. Click Create to create the new Database Catalog.