Known issues in Hue

This topic describes the Hue known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Private Cloud.

DWX-12468 (Affected version: 1.4.0): Query store not reachable
You may see the following error when you click the Queries tab on Hue’s Job Browser page. This is because the Hue Query Processor service is not yet available in CDW Private Cloud.
DWX-9373: Unable to log into Hue as a local administrator
If you have logged into the CDP Management Console as a local administrator, then you may not be able to log into Hue and you may see the following error: “User is not authorized”.
To access Hue, you must add your username to your organization’s LDAP tree or log into the CDP Management Console using your LDAP credentials and then access Hue.