Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud

This section lists issues fixed in this release of Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service.

DWX-12846: Impala uses {0} and {1} incorrectly in group search filters
User group resolution was impacted because of the way in which Impala was configured to use the {0} and {1} placeholder strings in the LDAP configuration. This caused authorization issues for the users who were trying to connect to the Virtual Warehouse. This issue has been fixed.
DWX-12613: Diagnostic bundle collection for Hive does not support custom time intervals and log types
Earlier, setting the time interval and the log types for generating the Hive diagnostic bundles did not work as expected and the output contained all the log files irrespective of your selection. This issue has been fixed.
DWX-12468: Query store not reachable
Earlier, you could see the Queries tab on the Job Browser page, but no query history. This was because the Hue Query Processor service was not present. This issue has been fixed with the addition of the Query Processor service.
DWX-9245: Demo data set does not load on Containerized clusters
Earlier, on containerized clusters, the job to load the demo data use to fail when you create a Database Catalog with the Load Demo Data option and the demo data set was not available in Hue. This issue has been fixed.
DWX-5496: If Cloudera Manager truststore or the external database/vault is updated, CDW environment activation fails
This issue is no longer present because the new refresh workflow systematically updates the certificates and database credentials.
DWX-12801: Authorization error on SSO login in Cloudera Data Visualization on CDW Private Cloud
Cloudera Data Visualization displayed “Access Denied” error when you logged in using SSO. This issue has been resolved.