Known issues in Hive Virtual Warehouses

This topic describes the Hive Virtual Warehouse known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Private Cloud.

Known Issues in 1.4.1

DWX-13718: Unable to register UDFs in CDW using the auxiliary JARs approach
You may not be able to register UDFs by setting the CDW_HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH parameter by going to Hive Virtual Warehouse > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS > Hiveserver2 tab and selecting env from the Configuration file drop-down menu and repeating the same from the Query Coordinator tab.
You can register UDFs on Hiveserver by changing the volume mount of init-aux-jar-localizer init container from hadoop-conf-final to hadoop-conf-volume in hiveserver2 statefulset using Kubernetes IDE or kubectl.
DWX-13095: Hive LLAP coordinator and executor not getting up
You may notice that Hive query executor pods disappear every 10 minutes after a spike of connections in ZooKeeper. This happens because the ZooKeeper node (/zkdtsm_hive-[***COMPUTE-NAMESPACE***]/ZKDTSMRoot/ZKDTSMTokensRoot) that stores the delegation tokens increases in size because a number of delegation tokens are not cleaned up. As a result, it takes more than a minute for the ZooKeeper cache to rebuild, slowing down the query executor startup. This slowness in starting up the query executors results into a time out causing the query executors to disappear and start up again every 10 minutes.
You can use one of the following workarounds to resolve this issue:
  • Create s new Virtual Warehouse, or
  • Scale down the executors to zero, clean up the delegation tokens in ZooKeeper in the /zkdtsm_hive-[***COMPUTE-NAMESPACE***]/ZKDTSMRoot/ZKDTSMTokensRoot znode path, and then scale back the executors, or
  • Upgrade to a CDP Private Cloud Data Services release 1.5.0 or higher

Known Issues before 1.4.1

DWX-8524: Hive queries on sys.db tables may fail
When you run queries on the sys.db table from Data Analytics Studio, you may see the following error: “Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Could not open SSL root certificate file /mnt/config/current/hms-root.crt.)” on a default Database Catalog using PostgreSQL database. This happens because PostgreSQL requires SSL. This issue does not occur on Database Catalogs using MariaDB.
DWX-6234: WAIT TIME seconds cannot be set to "0" in the Hive Virtual Warehouse UI
The slider that can be used to set WAIT TIME in the Hive Virtual Warehouse UI displays a range from 0 to 1000, but if you set it to 0, the UI automatically changes it to 60.
DWX-4842: Entities are not being created in Atlas
Base clusters that are using Java 11 might be using truststores in PKCS12 format. Currently, Hive Virtual Warehouses on CDW Private Cloud only supports truststores in JKS format. This prevents the entities from being created in Atlas.
Using the keytool, convert the PKCS12 truststore in the base cluster to a JKS truststore.