Impala pod configuration option in CDW Private Cloud

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) allocates standard resources to the warehouses that are suitable for most workloads. You can control the size of the Virtual Warehouse at the time of creation by choosing the number of nodes to be used. You can either select a default option or a custom option that you may have created.

What custom pod configuration is in CDW

Pod config is a drop-down menu that you see when you are creating an Impala Virtual Warehouse. It displays a default Cdw defaults option and any custom pod configurations that you may have created for Impala.

By using custom pod configurations, you can also change the resources used by the critical Impala components, such as the coordinators, executors, and catalog daemons to pack a particular number of pods into a Kubernetes node or to create extra-large daemons to handle specific workloads.

Resource allocation for Impala coordinator, executor, and catalog when you select the "Cdw defaults" option

The following table lists the default values for memory, CPUs, maximum and initial memory allocation pools for a Java Virtual Machine, AC Slots (admission_control_slots flag), cache size, scratch size, and overhead size for Impala coordinators, executors, and catalogs when you select Cdw defaults from the Pod config drop-down menu:
Table 1. Cdw default: resource allocation for Impala coordinator, executor, and catalog
Parameter Coordinator Executor Catalog
Memory 112640 116736 8192
CPUs 14 14 1
Xmx 25 G 4 G 6 G
Xms 2 G 2 G 2 G
AC slots 128 36 N/A
Cache size 200 GiB 200 GiB N/A
Scratch size 300 GiB 300 GiB N/A
Overhead 58 GiB 58 GiB N/A
Table 2. Cdw default: Default settings
Parameter value
MaxQueryMemLimit 53687091200
MinQueryMemLimit 2147483648
mt_dop 12