Known issues in Impala Virtual Warehouses

This topic describes the Impala Virtual Warehouse known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud.

Known issues identified in 1.5.2

No new known issues identified in 1.5.2.

Known issues identified in 1.5.1

DWX-14292: Impala executors and coordinator pods get stuck in pending state
If you have enabled low resource mode while activating an environment in CDW and also enabled the option to customize pod sizes for Impala from the Advanced Settings page, then you may notice that the executors and coordinator pods do not request the set amount of memory and CPU. This happens because the low resource mode overrides the default pod configuration.
Low resource mode and custom pod configurations for Impala cannot be used at the same time. To resolve this issue, do not select the Low resource mode option while activating an environment. Instead, create custom pod configurations with lower resources for Impala. You can continue to use lesser resources as defined in the custom pod configuration for Hive.
VIZ-2046: Trusted impersonation does not work in CDW
When you try to create a connection to the Impala Virtual Warehouse from Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV), CDV is unable to use Trusted Impersonation as a mode of authentication. Therefore, you need to enter both the username and password for authentication.