Refreshing environments, Database Catalog, and Virtual Warehouses in CDW Private Cloud

Learn when to refresh environments, Database Catalog, and Virtual Warehouses in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) on Private Cloud and understand the difference between the refresh and rebuild operations.

Where is the refresh option in CDW?

The Refresh option is available in the more options () menu at the Environment, Database Catalog, and Virtual Warehouse levels.

When to use the refresh option?

You must refresh the environment, Database Catalog, and Virtual Warehouses in this order after completing the following actions:
  • Adding or updating CA certificates in the Management Console
  • Modifying LDAP server configurations in the Management Console
  • Adding, updating, or deleting LDAP users
  • Adding, updating, or deleting user groups and admin groups in the Management Console
  • Updating database settings such as host, port, database name, username, and password in the Management Console
  • Changing the configurations for Ozone, Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Ranger, and Atlas on the CDP Private Cloud Base cluster. This is true only if you have allowed CDW to receive configurations from the base cluster.
  • Enabling or disabling the following options from the CDW Advanced Settings page:
    • Enable ADLS as a storage provider
    • Enable S3 and S3-compatible object store providers
    • Store logs on HDFS
    • Enable warehouse-level access control for Impala
    • Copy configurations from base cluster to CDW
    • Enable workload-aware autoscaling for Impala

Difference between refresh and rebuild

The Refresh option can be used to apply configuration changes listed in this topic. Refreshing an environment, a Database Catalog, or Virtual Warehouses does not change the runtime version. The Rebuild option is displayed only on the Database Catalog and Virtual Warehouse tiles. When you rebuild a Database Catalog or a Virtual Warehouse, CDW upgrades the Helm charts and the runtime version (if available), and also applies any configurations that may have changed on the base cluster or in the Control Plane service. The Rebuild operation is a superset of the Refresh operation.