Known issues in Hive Virtual Warehouses

This topic describes the Hive Virtual Warehouse known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Private Cloud.

Known issues identified in 1.5.3

No new known issues identified in 1.5.3.

Known issues identified in 1.5.1

DWX-15480: Hive queries fail with FILE_NOT_FOUND error
ACID directory cache may become outdated in Tez AMs in case of ACID tables that change often, possibly leading to different errors with the same root cause: "split generation works from cache pointing to non-existing files". And you may see the following error in the diagnostic bundles and query logs: FILE_NOT_FOUND: Unable to get file status.
Disable the cache by setting the value of the hive.txn.acid.dir.cache.duration property to -1 by going to Virtual Warehouse > > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS > Hue > Configuration files > hive-site from the CDW web interface.
DWX-15287: Drop database query for Hive fails with Invalid ACL Exception
You may see the following error in a Hue or beeline session when running DROP DATABASE, DROP TABLE, or ALTER TABLE DROP PARTITION operations on a Hive Virtual Warehouse that is in Stopped state: "org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException$InvalidACLException: KeeperErrorCode = InvalidACL for /llap-sasl/user-hive".
The exception is caused because the Hive Virtual Warehouse tries to evict the cache in the LLAP executors, but the compute pods of the stopped warehouse are no longer running.
Start the Virtual Warehouse before you run the DROP DATABASE, DROP TABLE, or ALTER TABLE DROP PARTITION operations.
Alternatively, you can add the setting in the hive-site.xml file. This method may result in some performance degradation, because LLAP no longer discards the dropped database/table or temp table related buffers.
  1. Log in to CDW as DWAdmin.
  2. Click > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS > Hiveserver2 on the Virtual Warehouse tile and select hive-site from the Configuration files drop-down menu.
  3. Click and add the following line:
  4. Click Apply Changes.

    Wait for the Virtual Warehouse to refresh and return to Running or Stopped state.