Configuring the SQL AI Assistant on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service

Microsoft Azure allows dedicated deployments of OpenAI GPT models. Using Azure’s OpenAI service is much more secure than the publicly hosted OpenAI APIs because the data can be processed in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network. Due to security considerations, Cloudera recommends that you use GPT models in Hue SQL AI Assistant with Azure’s OpenAI service.

  1. Obtain a Microsoft Azure subscription by working with your organization’s IT team.
    Subscriptions vary based on your team and purpose.
  2. Register to access the Azure OpenAI service.
    Azure OpenAI requires registration and is currently only available to approved enterprise customers and partners. Customers who wish to use Azure OpenAI are required to submit a registration form.
  3. Create an Azure OpenAI resource in the Azure portal.
    Screenshot showing Azure OpenAI service on the Microsoft Azure portal.
  4. Obtain the resource URL and resource keys from the Develop tab under the resource details page.
    You can use any one of the two keys as shown in the following image:
    Screenshot of the Microsoft Azure portal showing the resource keys on the Develop tab.
  5. Go to Azure OpenAI Studio at and create your deployment under Management > Deployments.
  6. Select gpt-35-turbo-16k or higher.
Enable the SQL AI Assistant in the Cloudera Data Warehouse service.