Granting permissions to run SQL queries

You must grant Hadoop SQL Ranger permissions to your users so they can query tables.

  1. Log in to the CDP Management Console as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Environments and click on your environment name.
  3. Click Ranger on the Data Lake tab.
    This opens the Ranger service in Cloudera Manager.
  4. Click Ranger Admin Web UI to open Ranger.
  5. Click Hadoop SQL on the Service Manager page.
  6. Click Add New Policy.
  7. Specify the databases, tables, and columns on which you want to grant permissions to the users.
  8. Under the Allow Conditions section, specify users or groups to whom you want to grant permissions.
    you can specify {USER} to grant permissions to all users.
  9. Click Add Permissions and select permissions such as Create, Alter, Drop, Select, and so on.
    Image showing how to add a new Hadoop SQL policy on the Ranger UI .
  10. Click Add to save the settings.