Connecting an Impala shell client

You need to provide the commands to your client users for installing and launching the Impala shell to connect to your Unified Analytics. Client users can then query your tables. You learn how to obtain the command for installing the Impala shell on a client and other information to provide to clients.

To access Unified Analytics from the Impala Shell, clients need to connect to HiveServer (HS2), which is available in the same CDP cluster as Impala. The JDBC URL for the HS2 endpoint uses the strict HS2 protocol option to access Unified Analytics from the Impala Shell. Windows clients are not supported.

  • Obtain the DWUser role.
  1. On the Unified Analytics Impala Virtual Warehouse tile, click , and select Copy Impala shell Download command.
  2. Click again, and select Copy Impala shell command.
    This action copies the command that launches the Impala shell and includes the connection string your client needs to connect to Unified Analytics in your Virtual Warehouse. For example:
    impala-shell --protocol='hs2-http' --ssl -i '' -u client_max -l
  3. Provide the commands you copied to your client user.
  4. Provide the instructions to your client user to use as described in the next topic.