Known issues in Hue

This topic describes the Hue known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Private Cloud.

Known issues identified in 1.5.4

CDPD-69394: Hue does not display logs while creating a table using the Importer
When you import a file in Hue using the Importer to create a table, the create table query is triggered and the operation succeeds. However, you may intermittently notice Hue not displaying the logs on the web interface.
None. This issue does not impact the underlying operation.

Known issues identified in 1.5.1

CDPD-54376: Clicking the home button on the File Browser page redirects to HDFS user directory
When you are previewing a file on any supported filesystem, such as S3, ABFS, or Ozone and you click on the Home button, you are redirected to the HDFS user home directory instead of the user home directory on the said filesystem.
DWX-15090: Intermittently see the CSRF error in the Hue Job Browser
You may intermittently see the “403 - CSRF” error on the Hue web interface as well as in the Hue logs after running Hive queries from Hue.
Reload the page or start a new Hue session.
DWX-14911: Export operation failing in a partitioned Hive table
You may see the following error in the Hive server logs when running the EXPORT TABLE query in Hive: Execution Error, return code 1 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.ExportTask. Distcp operation failed. This issue occurs when the number of files and the size of files exceeds the limits specified in the hive.exec.copyfile.maxsize and hive.exec.copyfile.maxnumfiles properties respectively, and the EXPORT TABLE query launches the distributed copy (distcp) job to copy files of HDFS.
Increase the limit of following properties in HiveServer2:
  • hive.exec.copyfile.maxsize to maximum size of files in a directory in bytes
  • hive.exec.copyfile.maxnumfiles to maximum number of files in a directory
OPSAPS-66903: Ozone HTTPFS address configuration contains placeholders instead of the real values
The Hue File Browser does not automatically support browsing the Ozone filesystem because the HTTPFS role configuration for the Ozone service contains placeholder text instead of real values. You can view this configuration by going to Cloudera Manager > Ozone service > Instances > HTTPFS Gateway > Processes and clicking on the ozone-conf/httpfs-site.xml configuration file.
You must manually configure Hue to access Ozone using the File Browser by following the instructions listed in Enabling browsing Ozone from Hue on CDW Private Cloud.

Known issues identified in 1.5.0

DWX-12616: Hue limitation in CDW Private Cloud
Following are the known limitations in Hue in CDW Private Cloud 1.5.0:
  • Hue Importer does not support importing files more than 200 KB in size
  • Hue File Browser does not work if the HDFS service on the base cluster is configured for high availability
DWX-13865: Hue File Browser does not work with HDFS HA
Hue File Browser is not accessible or displays a 403 error when you click on File Browser from the left assist panel in CDW Private Cloud if HDFS is configured for High Availability on the base cluster. Currently, Hue in CDW cannot obtain the hostname and the port from the HttpFS service on the base cluster. This is a known limitation.
You must manually build and specify the WebHDFS URL for Hue in CDW to connect to the HttpFS service on the base cluster.
  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Clusters > Hive > Configuration and note the value present in the Kerberos Principal field.

    This is the Hive service account name.

  3. Go to Clusters > HDFS > HttpFS Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for httpfs-site.xml and click to add the following lines:

    Name: httpfs.proxyuser.hive.hosts, Value: *

    Name: httpfs.proxyuser.hive.groups, Value: *

    Replace hive with the actual Hive service account name.

  4. Click Save Changes and restart the HDFS service or the HttpFS role.
  5. Go to the Instances tab and note the hostname of the HttpFS role.
  6. Go to the Configuration tab and note the port for the hdfs.httpfs.http.port configuration from the RESTPort field.

    The default value of the hdfs.httpfs.http.port configuration is 14000.

  7. Use the hostname and the port to construct the WebHDFS URL as follows:
  8. Log in to the Data Warehouse service as a DWAdmin.
  9. Go to the Virtual Warehouse from which you want to connect Hue to the base cluster’s HDFS service and click > Edit.
  10. Go to CONFIGURATIONS > Hue, select hue-safety-valve from the Configuration files drop-down list and add the following lines:

    Specify the WebHDFS URL that you constructed earlier.

  11. Click Apply changes.

    Update the hue-safety-valve configuration for any Hive or Impala Virtual Warehouses from which you want to connect to the base cluster HDFS.

Known issues identified before 1.4.1

DWX-9373: Unable to log into Hue as a local administrator
If you have logged into the CDP Management Console as a local administrator, then you may not be able to log into Hue and you may see the following error: “User is not authorized”.
To access Hue, you must add your username to your organization’s LDAP tree or log into the CDP Management Console using your LDAP credentials and then access Hue.