Version information for Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud components

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) uses Hive, Impala, and Hue as its Runtime components and also provides integration with Cloudera Data Visualization. Review the version information of CDW Private Cloud 1.5.4 components.

Table 1. CDW Private Cloud version information
CDW component Version
Hive 2024.0.17.3
Impala 2024.0.17.3
Hue 2024.0.17.3
Cloudera Data Visualization 7.2.2
CDW server 1.9.0
CDP CLI 0.9.115

Apache Iceberg version information

The following table shows the version of the Iceberg component in this release of CDW Private Cloud:
CDW server version CDW Runtime version Iceberg version
1.9.0 2024.0.17.3 1.3.0