Use a non-transparent proxy with Cloudera Data Warehouse on AWS environments

You can configure CDP environments to use a network proxy in Management Console. Then when you activate the environment for Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), if you can only use non-transparent proxies with clients that must connect to the Virtual Warehouse that uses the environment, you can configure them.

Difference between transparent and non-transparent network proxies

Transparent proxies are unknown to clients and require no additional client configuration. Usually connections by way of transparent proxies are configured in route tables on your AWS VPC. However, clients are aware of non-transparent proxies and each client must be specifically configured to use the non-transparent proxy connection. There are benefits to using non-transparent proxies because doing so permits you to pass connection or security information along with the connection request sent by clients. Some organizations' security policies require the use of non-transparent proxies and CDW can support that requirement.