Activating a private AKS in CDW

You see how to activate a CDP environment in CDW, learn how to configure the environmental options.

Activating an environment with the CDW service sets up the Kubernetes cluster, which provides the compute resources for the Database Catalog. In addition, activating an environment enables the CDW service to use the existing Data Lake that was set up for the environment, including all data, metadata, and security policies.
  1. In Cloudera Data Warehouse, in Overview, click Moreā€¦ to expand Environments.
  2. Locate the environment to activate, and click .
  3. In Activation Settings, optionally check Enable availability zones for AKS, and choose a subnet from the dropdown.
  4. Check Enable internal load balancer (ingress) to make endpoint access private.
    You must select this option to access Hue, DAS, and JDBC endpoints.
  5. Optionally, check Enable AKS monitoring, and then select the workspace from the adjacent dropdown.
  6. Check Enable private CDW to create a private cluster with UDR support, and in Whitelist IP CIDRs, enter
  7. Specify a user assigned managed identity for the AKS cluster.
  8. Optionally, check Use kubenet networking if IP address exhaustion is a concern for your deployment.
  9. Optionally, specify a custom cluster ID for your environment and resources.
  10. Click Activate.