Viewing and editing Azure environment details

After activating an Azure environment for Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Public Cloud, you can change or view its details.

You can view CDP Azure environment details without leaving the CDW service UI. You can make the following changes:

  • Add a description for the environment, which makes it easier to identify.
  • Add or edit the list of IP CIDR(s) for Kubernetes cluster, which enable access from your internal network to the Kubernetes endpoints.
  • Add or edit the list of IP CIDR(s) for the load balancer, which enable access from your internal network to the load balancer endpoints of services such as Hive, Impala, or Hue.
  • Renew the certificate for this environment.

    This option renews the encrypt certificates. Renewal happens automatically 30 days before the expiry date of the certificate.

  • Refresh kubeconfig

    After making changes that alter the Kubernetes configuration, such as rotating certificates, as recommended by Microsoft, you must click Refresh kubeconfig.

Required role for viewing environment details: DWUser

Required role for editing environment details: DWAdmin

You must activate an environment before you can view or edit its details.

  1. In the CDW service, expand the Environments column by clicking the Moreā€¦ .
  2. Search and locate the environment that you want to view.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the Environment Details, click Configurations.
  5. Make changes described above, or just view information, such as when it was created and last updated, or how many Database Catalogs and Virtual Warehouses use the environment,
  6. If you have made changes, click Apply in the upper right corner of the page to save them.