Creating a tenant-specific Virtual Warehouse

You follow a step-by-step procedure to create a Virtual Warehouse based on the Database Catalog and SDX Data Lake you created in the RAZ-enabled environment.

The Database Catalog and Data Lake point to the same backend database. In the tenant-specific Virtual Warehouse, you create a tenant-specific Hive or Impala database that points to tenant-specific buckets. As the metadata is shared across all tenants, Ranger grants access to tenant data at the table level. One or more tenant-specific databases alongside databases for shared data can run in the same HMS instance.
Repeat the following steps for each tenant.
  1. In the Data Warehouse service, click Virtual Warehouses > Add New.
  2. Specify a name, select either the Hive or Impala type, and select the Database Catalog you created for the tenant.
  3. On the Overview page under Virtual Warehouses, click options , and open Hue.
  4. Create a tenant-specific Hive or Impala database where the location for external and managed tables are pointing to the tenant-specific buckets.
    [COMMENT database_comment]
    [LOCATION external_table_path]
    [MANAGEDLOCATION managed_table_directory_path]
    [WITH DBPROPERTIES (property_name=property_value, ...)];                   
    Do not set LOCATION and MANAGEDLOCATION to the same path. For more information, see Create a default directory for managed tables.
  5. In Ranger, grant the tenant users access to the tenant-specific Hive or Impala database.