Troubleshooting restoration of Data Visualization

You can restart Data Visualization to address an issue that appears when you open CDV Queries after restoration.

If you backed up a CDW environment that contained a version of Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) lower than CDV, the Restore procedure will succeed, but with the following issue: When you open the CDV Queries, the following error message occurs:
column jobs_jobschedule.owner_id does not exist… 
  1. In the environment, click options , and select Show Kubeconfig to obtain the Kubernetes configuration for the restored cluster.
  2. Copy the content of the Kubernetes configuration into a local file and save the file using an arbitrary name, such as kubecfg.yaml.
  3. Navigate to Cloudera Data Warehouse > Data Visualization and note the ID of the CDV, for example viz-1699441509-mjfh, that has the issue.
  4. Remove the pod viz-webapp-0 from the viz-webapp statefulset.
    kubectl --kubeconfig <path-to-kubeconfig> -n <dataviz-id> \
    delete pod viz-webapp-0    
    Replace <path-to-kubeconfig> and <dataviz-id> with the values obtained in the previous steps.
  5. Repeat the process for each CDV that has this issue.